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The world's first self-activating mobile fire suppression ball

The Elide Fire Suppression Ball® or EFB for short, is a new innovative, consumer focused and affordable fire suppression technology.
It is a New Zealand first and the only self-activating, un-attended mobile fire extinguishing ball.

It ensures safety and protects you, your property and equipment against deadly and damaging fires before a fire becomes dangerous or uncontrollable.
It is an affordable solution for virtually any situation or scenario where there is a risk of a starting or small fire.

Protecting you, your property and your equipment

Fire Safety Supplement

The EFB is a boost to your already present fire safety arsenal and right at your finger tips. The aim is fire PREVENTION and the EFB is boss when it comes to putting out a beginning or small fire

Anyone can use it!

Using the EFB is easy, with no pins to pull or attempting to get close to the base of the fire to put it out. Use it manually by rolling or throwing the ball into the fire from a safe distance and leave it to self-activate

Un-attended Automatic Use

Place the EFB over or near any risk areas where a fire could start and let the EFB’s automated feature take over. When the ball actives it suppresses the fire and emits a one-off, non continuous permissible 120 db sound (not harmful to the ears) to alert occupants (if any) that a fire has been suppressed.

A product you can trust

The EFB is a safe, well tested and a proven product sold in over 100 countries around the world. With multiple international awards and EPA NZ approval for sale and use. The scenarios are endless in preventing deadly fires with the EFB 

"A fire extinguisher is only effective when you get to it
An Elide Fire Suppression Ball is effective when a naked flame gets to it!"