Awards and Recognition

Gold Medal WIPO Award World Intellectual Property Organisation Bangkok 2008

Russian Gold Medal Award SIIF 2008, Seoul, Korea

Gold Medal KIPA Award SIIF 2008
Seoul, Korea

Gold Medal with Mention Award. Brussels Eureka 2001Brussels, Belgium

Genius Bronze Medal Award, Word Genius Convention 2007 Tokyo, Japan

High Impact Invention Award, The Winner Gold Medalist, The 2nd IIDC, 2009, Bangkok, Thailand

Mr. Phanawatnan Kaimart
The inventor of the Elide Fire Ball

SIIF 2008 Semi Grand Prize Seoul Korea

International Awards and Certificates for the Elide Fire Ball and the inventor (Annex)

1. WIPO Awards, Gold Medal with Certificate from IIDC International Inventor’s Day Convention 2008, Bangkok, Thailand

2. The IFIA Cup for the Best Invention of International Inventors’ day, 2nd IIDC International Inventor’s Day Convention 2009, Bangkok, Thailand.

3. Semi Grand Prize, SIIF Seoul International Invention Fair 2008, Seoul, South Korea.

4. Russian Gold Medal Award, SIIF2008, Seoul, South Korea.

5. Excellence Award, Minnesota Inventor Congress, USA 2008

6. World Genius Award, World Genius Convention, Tokyo, Japan 2007

7. Gold Medal Award with Mention, Brussels Eureka 2001 Belgium

8. Certificate of BACCI, Bulgaria

9. The Best Invention Award from Russia. EMERCOM

10. National Research Council of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand, 2008

11. The High Impact Invention Award, 2nd IIDC Thailand.

International Awards and Certificates received by SSP
for the new quality innovation and leadership of invention development for the future

1. 33rd International Award for Business Leadership and Prestige, German

2. The International Quality Crown Award London 2004, United Kingdom