What is the Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball?

The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball is a new and innovative concept in firefighting.  It is effectively a dry chemical powder based fire extinguisher that excels at spot protection but can be used equally effectively against fires generally.  It is highly portable, stable and operates within about 3 seconds.  It requires minimal training, is light and easily carried and is highly effective.

What does it do?

When the ball comes in to contact with a naked flame, the ball will detonate within a few seconds & extinguish the fire.

What area does it cover?

Up to 9sqm and in some tests knocked down fires in area of 18sqm

What fire types or classes?

The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball can be used on 5 classes of fire which are A, B, C, E and F. However, when used on flammable liquid fires it must be used in a static position. The Elide fire ball can also be used on F class fires in the static setup position

Fire Extinguishing Classifications

Class A – Wood, paper, textiles, plastic, rubber

Class B – Flammable liquids, fuels or paints

Class C – Combustible gases or gas fires

Class E – Energised electrical equipment (>5kV)

Class F – Cooking oils and fats

Where is it made?

The product was both invented and manufactured in Thailand at Elide Fire Ball HQ.

Does it have AS/NZ standards?

The Elide Fire Ball is a fire suppression device and is approved for use and sale in New Zealand by the Environmental Protection Authority (New Zealand) under HSNO Approval Number: HSR101030

Who is using it?

Firefighting departments internationally, emergency services, construction companies, printing companies,  hospitals , computer and server rooms, farmers, engine rooms, transport companies ,self-storage companies,  hotels, restaurants , high rise buildings, universities , car parks, business and home owners, mines and international state owned enterprises.

Are the components of the product toxic?

No, the contents of the ball is mono ammonium phosphate (Non Hazardous, H.S. CODE: 3813.00.00) which is safe for humans and the environment. It is bio degradable and the powder can be disposed of after use in the general landfill. Defective or damaged balls as a whole can not be disposed of in the general landfill and needs to follow strict disposal rules as per EPA requirements. If you have an Elide Fire Ball that needs disposing of, please contract us on 0800 03 85 or visit the disposals page on our website, www.elidefireball.co.nz/disposal

Is there training required?

No, it is very simple to use, however it is useful to have an action plan/strategy devised and practised in case of an emergency

Spot protection and ignition point?

Although the Elide fire extinguishing ball can put out quite large fires it excels if mounted as close as possible to where a fire is most likely to start & smothers the flame before it gets a chance to spread.

Life of the product?

If all principles on safe usage, instructions of use and proper installation of the the fire ball is maintained, the guarantee period of the usage of the product is at least 5 years. (5 Years Manufacture guarantee)

Is there any servicing required?

No servicing or maintenance is required for the 5 year life of the product..

What happens after 5 years?

The product remains stable but loses a percentage of its effectiveness (up to 20% effectiveness is lost)

Explain the function of the ball in relation to the fire triangle?

For a fire to thrive and spread it requires three things:

  • Fuel to burn • Air to breathe • Heat to continue burning

Removal of any one of the sides of this Fire Triangle will extinguish the fire. The Elide fire extinguishing ball tackles all 3 of these components:

It starves the fire of oxygen as when activated it gives off an impulse noise/soundwave and forces oxygen away from the flames causing it to go out whilst also dispersing the heat. The final function of the Elide fire extinguishing ball is that it covers the immediate area with mono ammonium phosphate which is a non-combustible powder that not only assists in extinguishing the flames but stops re-ignition from embers as well.  It also ‘cools’ the flammable material in the fire.

How does the ball detonate?

Low yield pyrotechnic detonator is located inside (same as Party Poppers) and is activated by fuse cord secured on the exterior surface. The internal volume of the hollow casing is charged with fire – retardant chemical agents, so when fire ignites the fuse cord it will activate the detonator and there is just enough strength to break the casting and to spread the chemical agent to extinguish the fire.

Caution! 1.4G explosive, Small Pyrotechnic Detonator Inside

No ballistic hazard or concussive shock from explosive burst

No significant harm to humans or animals from explosive burst

Activates with direct flame ONLY – at approximately 85ºC

Non flame activation possible in temperatures 280ºC or higher

Do not open, damage or dismantle this product

Does it work?

Yes, it’s the safest, fastest & simplest way to extinguish a fire as it attacks all 3 components of the fire triangle, from a distance and un-attended in some scenarios

What’s so good about it?

The Elide fire extinguishing ball provides 24/7 fire protection without having to have anybody present at the time of ignition. When used manually it can be thrown or rolled from a safe distance away from the heat and the fire because of the lightweight, size & simplicity e.g. no pin or handle to pull.

Use for indoor and/or outdoor?

It can be used indoor or outdoor, but should be kept indoor only as it is water resistant and cannot be exposed to excessive amounts of water as it may penetrate the outer PVC coating decreasing its efficiency.

How do you use it?

It’s ideally used when mounted statically in locations where a potential fire is likely to ignite however it can also be thrown or rolled into a fire except where flowing flammable liquids or fats are present, in the case the static mounting above these areas is best suited.

Can you use it for spot protection?

Yes, it excels when used for that purpose..

Any special storage requirements?

Keep dry and away from direct sunlight in temperatures between -40 degrees Celsius & + 85 degrees Celsius

How stable is the product?

The product is very stable, a variety of drop tests, compression tests, thermal tests etc. have been conducted and the Elide fire extinguishing ball is designed to activate ONLY when it comes in contact with a naked flame.

It will not activate with motion or any time of percussion

Any special storage requirements?

Keep dry and away from direct sunlight in temperatures between -40 degrees Celsius & + 85 degrees Celsius

Does it replace my existing Extinguisher?

Certainly not, we recommend that if you have an extinguisher and a fire blanket to keep them (if in service date) and have them as back up fire- fighting equipment. Use the Elide Fire Ball first and if there is any fire left burning after the Elide Fire Ball has detonated then use your extinguisher to finish extinguishing the fire. The Elide Fire Ball is intended as a supplement device for your current fire safety equipment.

Does it replace Fire Fighters?

No, not at all! The Elide Fire Ball is designed to extinguish a fire at the very early stages of a fire starting or to help knock down a fire to create a safe passage if caught in a fire. It is a fire prevention and extinguishing device. If a fire is beyond your abilities to extinguish, your safety should always come first and with any fire you should contact your local fire department whether it’s extinguished or still burning.