Health And Safety

Product Health and Safety Guidelines

Here at Elide Fire Ball New Zealand, we are very passionate about fire safety and prevention, so much is the same when it comes to health and safety when using our product. We ask that you read this section carefully to be able to enjoy the amazing life saving features the Elide Fire Ball has to offer

The Elide Fire Ball is intended to extinguish small or starting fires. Do not open, damage or dismantle this product for any other purposes other than as specified on the product packaging and or in the users manual

When ball activates, there is no ballistic hazard or concussive shock from the burst. The Elide Fire Ball can only be activate with a direct naked flame. The product is very stable, meaning moving, dropping or damaging the ball will not activate the pyrotechnic detonator. Non flame activation is possible if the temperature is over 220 degrees Celsius.

Please do not attempt to ignite the Elide Fire Ball manually while the product is in contact with any part of the body. Although the product does not produce any significant harm to humans, animals or property from the explosive burst,  the vapor of the extinguishing powder mixture may cause eye or air passage irritation.

Do not use the Elide Fire Ball for extinguishing alkaline materials that are burning without the inlet of air

Be sure that the arrow reading “this way up” on the product packaging is always directed upwards (automated operation only)

The Elide Fire Ball emits a single loud warning sound of 120dB when activated