How it works

An affordable and easy to use consumer focused fire suppression device with an innovative un-attended self-activating feature

The Elide Fire Ball® is a simple, mobile and easily mounted, consumer focused, automatic fire suppression device targeting and preventing starting or small fires. Perhaps you are a business owner looking for peace of mind in your building, plant, machinery, working vehicles, equipment, electrical gear etc... or a landlord trying to safeguard tenants in a leased space. Elide Fire Ball® is changing the way people think about fire safety through prevention using fire suppression at its very best.

No matter if you are on the farm, on your boat, in the workshop, driving long haul across the country or just at home... the Elide Fire Ball® is ready (24/7).

Benifits of the Elide Fire Ball®

* Easy, simple, small/compact and safe to use by anyone
* Weighs only 1.3kg
* Suitable for any common fire – Class A-B-C-E-F
* On activation, it emits a loud noise as an alarm
* 5 Years product shelf life and warranty*
* No annual service or maintenance required for 5 years
* Operational 24/7 when in primary static use
* Non-toxic and environmentally friendly 94%MAP dry chemical powder
* Low to no corrosion on electrical equipment
* Safe around humans, animals and property
* Only Self-Activates when in contact with a direct naked flame

How does the Elide Fire Ball® work?

It ensures safety and protects you, your property and equipment against deadly and damaging fires before a fire becomes dangerous or uncontrollable. It is an affordable solution for virtually any situation or scenario where there is a risk of a starting or small fire.

The Elide Fire Suppression Ball® has two functions. The primary function makes full use of the selfactivating and un-attended features. Mounting the EFB above or at close proximity to the areas, spots or places where you deem a significant fire risk, will allow peace of mind that the EFB is there as your very own first responder and defence against starting or small fires. Especially in those moments when no one is around or nearby.

For example, inside a tractor, bus, truck or boat engine bay, over flammable liquids like paints and fuels, over a gas hob or welding areas, around electrical and mechanical equipment etc. One can be very creative and think of a number of different scenarios were the EFB can be installed to utilize the un-assisted fire protection features. Once the EFB comes into contact with a direct naked flame, the EFB will self-activate and burst without any manual assistance, rapidly releasing a multipurpose (specifically formulated) dry chemical powder found inside. The powder is dispersed in a 360-degree radius covering a range of 4sqm to 9sqm.

The secondary function or use of the ball is where a person can pick up and throw the EFB into a starting or small fire. The benefit of being able to throw the ball allows the action to be done from a distance away from the fire.

What if I have a fire extinguisher already!

The Elide Fire Suppression Ball® is in no way a competition or replacement to fire extinguishers, but rather a surplus to your current firefighting equipment. Fire extinguishers are a much needed firefighting device whereas the Elide Fire Suppression Ball® is a fire suppression device used in the aim of putting out a fire before you would need to use a fire extinguisher.

The Elide Fire Suppression Ball® is not a fire fighting device but rather your first line of defense, putting the fire out by suppressing the source of oxygen, fuel and heat at the start. With larger fires, the ball can still be used as a fire fighting device. Although outside of the balls limitations, it can still provide assistance to your firefighting equipment being used.

“A fire extinguisher is only effective when someone reaches it, An Elide Fire Suppression Ball® is effective when a naked flame reaches it”

Is it safe?

The ball is well made (in Thailand) and of high quality material. It is lightweight at only 1.3KG and has a circumference of 147mm. The Elide Fire Suppression Ball® is made to be safe around humans, animals and property when activated. Common handing, physical touch, hard knocks or dropping, vibration, heat or smoke will not activate the Elide Fire Suppression Ball® making it very safe overall.

Only contact with a direct naked flame of up to 3 – 5 sec will activate the Elide Fire Suppression Ball® . When the ball activates, the burst possesses no concussive shock or any ballistic hazard. Please see our health and safety page on our website for more information.

What's inside?

The agent used inside the ball is a 94% MAP (mono ammonium phosphate) active material – dry chemical powder, one of the highest % of MAP found in a dry chemical powder. It is environmentally friendly and safe for humans, plants and animals.

Standard dry chemical fire extinguishers average around 11% to 40% MAP. The higher MAP % and lower melting temperature allows the powder to be very effective against starting and small fires. The Elide Fire Suppression Ball® covers 5 classifications of fires, including electrical and fat fires.

Could it cause corrosion?

With standard dry chemical powder fire extinguishers, the powder is stored inside a pressured vessel. When using the fire extinguisher, the moisture of the gas interacts and mixes with the dry chemical powder, making the dry chemical powder damp, altering the characteristics of the powder which in turn causes it to be highly corrosive when in contact with electrical equipment. It also makes it hard to clean.

One of the benefits of the Elide Fire Suppression Ball® is that the dry chemical powder is NOT housed in a pressurized gas vessel, but rather inside a durable 2cm thick foam casing. The powder is packed inside the casing as you would imagine storing baking flour into a sealed airtight container. The casing also acts as a barrier from outside moisture getting in and allows durability when handling the product. The ball is not waterproof but somewhat resistant to moisture, steam and water. (We do however advice not to get the product wet as it may cause the product to not function properly).

When the Elide Fire Suppression Ball’s ® dry chemical powder is dispersed, it is not a dampened mixture but rather a clean dry powder, keeping the intended characteristics and makeup of the dry chemical powder and reducing the risk of any corrosion to occur when in contact with electrical equipment. Less moisture in the powder removes the possibility of corrosion. It also makes it very easy to clean as it is dry powder and not a moist sticky powder. You can use a brush and scoop, vacuum cleaner and or mop and bucket to clean the powder after the Elide Fire Suppression Ball® has activated.

Affordable and Consumer Focused

The Elide Fire Suppression Ball® is at a fraction of the price compared to other suppression or fixed extinguishing systems, to allow all types of consumers to have their very own mobile fire suppression device operating in their much needed risk areas.

It is backed by a 5-year warranty and designed to have minimum product care, meaning no annual servicing or maintenance required.