The Elide Fire Ball Story

In 1997, a devastating fire broke out in the Royal Jomtien Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. See article here. The fire ripped through the multi-story building taking a number of human lives and costing millions in property damages. Mr. Phanawatnan Kaimart (the inventor of the Elide Fire Ball) personally witnessed the deaths and the horrific fire. This motivated him to seriously think ” there must be a Simpler,  Faster and Safer way of suppressing a fire and creating a safe passage for people to escape from the fire”.

With the haunting mental images and concerns for the safety of children, elderly and disabled, he began to work on creating a fire suppression/fire safety device with the main purpose of prevention and protection, a device that tackles the fire as it starts, even before it becomes deadly. The primary aim was to create something that can protect as many life’s ( humans, animals and or plant) and properties while being conscious about the environment.

It took him 3 years with extensive research and development and thousands of prototypes later to succeed by producing an entirely different sort of extinguisher. An extinguisher that acts as a SENTINEL (Activates when no one is home or at the workplace) and also as an alarm. He succeeded in 2000 and called it the “Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball”, a self-activating mobile fire extinguishing ball which is now sold over the world in over 100 countries.

We here at Elide Fire Ball New Zealand is proud to have the chance and opportunity to make available this amazing life saving product to all of us in New Zealand. We can only personally hope that with this product, a positive difference can be made and life’s can be spared.